Entertainment Law

While pursuing his undergraduate degrees fulltime, and also working part-time at both the local bank and the University Library, Mr. George found the time and energy to promote parties, mini-concerts, and various other social events of general interest and benefit to the campus and local communities. Through this experience, he gained a bottom-up understanding of the entertainment industry and general business practices - a foundation upon which he has built through law school studies and subsequent legal practice. He also made many lasting contacts, and, consistently managed to turn a profit.

The business of entertainment remains highly competitive, and can be quite unforgiving. In order to break through the noise and be heard as a distinct voice, the modern entertainment professional needs a multidisciplinary team of other professionals that can make solid headway through the storm, because these professionals understand the concept of convergence, i.e. the management of, and the interrelationships between, the markets, the message, the media, the merchandise, and the money. If entertainment is your business, and convergence is the key to unlocking the door to your success, then that old Austrian dude with the wild hair really got it right, both then and now. The market will therefore judge the relative effectiveness of your message and its delivery, in accordance with the following formula:

(relative) Effectiveness = M5 x Convergence2

Mr. George has represented entertainment industry clients in contract negotiations, contract reviews, demo. shopping, and Copyright filings in the United States; and he has also provided general advice and counseling to entertainment industry clients in Canada.

In addition, Mr. George is, or has been, a member of the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association (BESLA), and the District of Columbia Bar Association's Section of Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law.