Mediation, Arbitration, and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Both litigation and settlement are and should remain as options in most - if not all - disputes, and Mr. George can provide advice and counsel on, or actively engage in, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options where litigation would be impractical, too costly, or otherwise not the first, best choice. Mr. George has undertaken successful Commercial ADR in both Canada and the United States, including:

  • For disputing parties in Canada, on selected matters.
  • For contract termination, as between two United States-based telecommunications industry entities;
  • For specific performance, as between a United States-based security equipment supplier and a foreign purchaser;
  • For contract breach, as between a New Jersey-based computer services vendor and a New Jersey-based law firm purchaser;
  • For termination and severance, as between a senior New Jersey-based business executive and the out of state, transnational employer; and
  • For contract revision or rescission, as between a New York-resident homeowner and a New Jersey-based provider of home maintenance and home improvement services;


Many business entities now outsource significant functions or processes to independent providers, or standalone divisions. Mr. George has worked on all stages of Public Offerings by municipalities, independent state agencies, and state authorities. He has also advised on various phases of incorporation and ongoing management for Non-profit Corporations; including an alumni association and a healthcare-related entity. With significant experience in transactional matters, business processes, issues management, regulatory compliance, and litigation, Mr. George can assist in the appropriate structuring of business and contractual arrangements to meet mutual party needs, and to comply with applicable laws. He can also assist in the Notarization of documents and completion of Affidavits.

In addition, Mr. George is, or has been, a member of the Section of Business Law of the American Bar Association (ABA).