Commercial Leasing

Mr. George has acted for:

  • Canadian clients before the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Tribunal, and in Ontario Commercial Lease negotiations and drafting;
  • a New Jersey client in the negotiation and drafting of a New York restaurant lease; and
  • a New Jersey Church in the bank refinancing negotiations on, as well as in the subsequent leasing-out of, one of its New Jersey properties; with the drafting of collateral documents.

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HIPAA (Title II - Administrative Simplification), and PIPEDA

The increasingly interlinked nature of global life and commerce, especially so on the North American Continent, has led to greater exploitation of the potential for synergies between Canada and the United States of America, and greater cross-border travel and business. As a result, privacy concerns over the increasing flow across this border of people, products, information, and services, led to the creation in Canada of the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of 2000 (PIPEDA), as well as privacy legislation across the many Provinces of Canada.

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Cross-Border Practice

Effective communication remains a prime concern of legal practitioners, everyday citizens, consumers, governments, and business people around the globe. Being an international citizen by nature, Mr. George has studied on three continents and, where and when the time permits, he endeavors to maintain fluency or conversational proficiency in 5 (“five”) languages. The wonders of modern technology now also allow people to communicate over great distances by transmitting voice, video, and data traffic via satellites, terrestrial wireless systems, undersea cables, and fixed landlines. While serving as an intern at the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in Washington, D.C., Mr. George worked in the Satellite Policy Branch of the International Bureau (I.B.). There, he performed comprehensive analyses of satellite license applications, and he drafted both a Public Notice, and a Report and Order for the I.B.

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Legal Issues Counsel

Litigation Experience

Mr. George has acted for clients at Case Conferences and on Motions in the Ontario Superior Court. He has also acted for clients, on the record, in New Jersey Superior Courts, New York State Courts, and the United States Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY). With this background, Mr. George can readily provide initial consultation, direction, and counseling through a Limited Scope Retainer, on risk management, loss prevention, litigation strategy and cost-containment, and the choice of Counsel.

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E-Commerce, and Intellectual Property Rights (I.P.R.)

Social Media, unbridled human ingenuity, and the Internet, in general, have blurred and forever changed:

  • What is a work location, or a business premises, or the scene of an e-crime (online gaming, cloudsourcing, and virtual worlds);
  • How people organize themselves and their relationships (twitter feeds, flash mobs, mass texts and spam, and personal sites or “web-estate”);
  • Lines that formerly and clearly defined the employment relationship and workplace security (telecommuting; outsourcing; passwords, keys, and logs; and cybersecurity);
  • What does and does not constitute permissible work conduct while at work (web-surfing, pod-casting, texting, accessing restricted websites, and downloading streaming content); and
  • How people conduct e-commerce (tweets, blogs, group coupons, e-books, music downloads, streaming video, product placement, viral videos, social media and networking sites, “friend” requests and “like” posts, and search engine optimization).

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Mediation, Arbitration, and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Both litigation and settlement are and should remain as options in most - if not all - disputes, and Mr. George can provide advice and counsel on, or actively engage in, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options where litigation would be impractical, too costly, or otherwise not the first, best choice. Mr. George has undertaken successful Commercial ADR in both Canada and the United States, including:

  • For disputing parties in Canada, on selected matters.
  • For contract termination, as between two United States-based telecommunications industry entities;
  • For specific performance, as between a United States-based security equipment supplier and a foreign purchaser;
  • For contract breach, as between a New Jersey-based computer services vendor and a New Jersey-based law firm purchaser;
  • For termination and severance, as between a senior New Jersey-based business executive and the out of state, transnational employer; and
  • For contract revision or rescission, as between a New York-resident homeowner and a New Jersey-based provider of home maintenance and home improvement services;


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Entertainment Law

While pursuing his undergraduate degrees fulltime, and also working part-time at both the local bank and the University Library, Mr. George found the time and energy to promote parties, mini-concerts, and various other social events of general interest and benefit to the campus and local communities. Through this experience, he gained a bottom-up understanding of the entertainment industry and general business practices - a foundation upon which he has built through law school studies and subsequent legal practice. He also made many lasting contacts, and, consistently managed to turn a profit.

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Regulatory Compliance

As business and life, and the business of living become increasingly complex, society is developing more and more rules to guide people and businesses in confidently and lawfully conducting their daily activities. Mr. George has successfully advised and acted for clients in regulatory compliance matters before the New York Environmental Control Board in the Borough of Queens, New York, and before the Zoning and Planning Board in the City of Englewood, New Jersey. In addition, Mr. George has researched and drafted settlements in a number of regulatory enforcement actions, and he was at one time, a member of a group of New Jersey lawyers that negotiated real-time amendments to novel regulatory legislation while it was in active consideration and debate by New Jersey State legislators.

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Environmental Law

Having lived, worked, and studied in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Canada, and the United States of America, Mr. George has some knowledge of the oil and gas industry, and related energy and security issues. Canada extracts oil from its oil-bearing sands, whilst Nigeria extracts oil and gas the old-fashioned way, from deep within the ground and below the sea floor. In the United States - long a user of coal - efforts come and go to commence a re-assessment of drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR), and to further study the costs and benefits of drilling for shale gas in other parts of the nation.

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