Synchronizing multinational legal training and experience; degrees in Sociology, law, and languages; contacts in multiple fields and jurisdictions; and a passion for tackling very tricky issues, our subsidiary - “s’imprime-ça”(“Strategic IMPRIME Consulting& Advisory”) -  also offers the following services:




Sensitive • Confidential • Regulatory • Internal • Privileged • Time-sensitive • Strategic


•Within a time span of under 100 days and working through George Law Offices, we: (i) assembled a project team of 24 diverse professionals (PhDs, MBAs, Masters’ Degree holders, economists, an MD and RNs, lawyers and paralegals, other accredited professionals, and students) in Florida, Ottawa, Toronto and Owen Sound; (ii) conceptualized, conducted, and coordinated high-tempo operations in over a dozen separate and distinct sites, with each site characterized by multidisciplinary deliverables spanning the legal, technical, medical, and fiscal; and (iii) delivered a comprehensive report of several hundred pages in a multi-faceted, highly fluid “law-centric” investigation touching-upon all of the 7 above “Investigations” criteria.  Standing ability to rapid-source and enable multidisciplinary teams across several jurisdictions on a just-in-time basis (with multiple contingent redundancies), and then perform on the assigned task, is a core competence of S’imprime-ça / George Law Offices.


•For more details on our Project Management views and approaches (as also available on Project Management Hut, the global resource for professional project managers everywhere), please see here:


Media Effectiveness

M“edia effectiveness, audit, and tracking:


- Event planning, design, and management;


- Surveys, contributed articles, and write-in contests;


- Analysis and negotiation of priorities, ratios and results, interests, media messages, alternatives, regulations, and issues and disputes.


We have conceptualized, planned, marketed and managed numerous for-profit social and community events for up to 1,500 guests; designing promotional materials and utilizing and optimizing multiple marketing channels in print, radio, telco., word of mouth, and incentive marketing.  The medium is key!


•Client or customer feedback is also crucial to business planning and program delivery.  We can provide critical input in planning, designing, and coordinating events to either solicit, retrieve and interpret this feedback, or act upon it to further the business or organizational goals; structuring target-specific and issue-centred surveys and questionnaires, and using social media responsibly.


•For more details on some of our Media views and approaches, please see here:

Issues Counseling

I“ssues Counseling (litigation, ADR, avoiding and impeding issues, or reacting):


- Litigation and ADR management, and cost containment;


- Crisis Communication planning and management;


- Contingent coping, curative, and compensatory measures.


•When things do go awry, as they sometimes can through accident, inadvertence, or employee misdeeds, matters need to be handled professionally and in accordance with any regulatory standard or rule of disclosure that is or may be applicable.  Litigation and costs must be contained, insurers advised, internal investigations done, and contingent curative, coping, and compensatory measures activated; likely as already long-planned and held on standby as a precaution.  We can advise and counsel on this.


•For more details on some of our issues counseling, crisis communications, and contingency measures views and approaches, in this case with regard to Cybersecurity, please see here:

Public Relations


P“ublic Relations, and brand management:


- Product launch programs;


- Conference and trade show support;


- Internal communications and reputation advancement.


•Reputation management is a critical priority.  We can help ensure that the business or entity message is consistent across all platforms, whether in the process of a product launch or for internal purposes.


•For more details on some of our Public Relations views and approaches, please see here:

Management Consulting and Selective Sourcing

M”-anagement Consulting and Selective Sourcing:


- Business Process Re-engineering;


- Program Evaluation and Change Management;


- International liaison, operations, and varied expertise (including computer and ICT related skills-sets).


•With real world business experience – in both the principal and the MBA-holders on our roster of available professionals, in Canada and elsewhere – we can deliver on multiple fronts and parameters.


•We also have relationships with consultants possessing significant scientific and ICT skills-sets, and we can selectively source and deploy them on behalf of clients on an as-needed basis, with sufficient notice.


•For more details on some of our management consulting, business process re-engineering, and change and evaluation views and approaches, in this case with regard to Cloud Computing, please see here:


Regulatory And Government Affairs

R“egulatory and government affairs, governance, fairness monitoring, and shareholder and analyst communications:


- Investor Relations;


- Fairness Monitoring;


- Government Relations; and Governance;


- Ethics communications and employee training.


•We have consulted on privacy, strategy, and e-security in light of their indispensable relevance to corporate functions and governance; and we have drafted Bylaws and advised on governance for a 12,000+ member alumni association.


•Investors can make or break a business venture, whether this is Angel Investors in a startup, institutional investors at an Initial Public Offering (IPO), shareholders voting on a slate of Directors, or the weight of a proxy vote for or against a sale or consolidation.  Disclosure rules have become more stringent and multijurisdictional in nature, giving employees multiple and not always overlapping hoops through which to jump to stay on the right side of the law.  Investors need to hear from management; management needs to communicate with employees; and, regulators would love to hear from all three of these groups, if and when something is amiss.  We can assist with regulatory and government affairs; having a principal who is a past member of a legislative affairs team that negotiated real-time changes to laws in active consideration on the legislative floor…in state house, just across the street at that time.


·Our principal gained in-depth proficiency working with complex regulatory and technical language and documents through advocacy before the Zoning & Planning Board, the Environmental Control Board, the Landlord & Tenant Tribunal; peer-reviewed publication; and an internship in the Satellite Policy Branch of the International Bureau, at the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


•Modern administrative law requires that parties be granted both procedural fairness (in the rules) and substantive fairness (in the outcome) - even if the end result is ultimately not in their favour.  We can help monitor and evaluate and advise on proceedings, contracting practices, and other matters, in order to help avoid potential fairness issues.


•For more details on some of our views on, and approaches to regulatory, government, shareholder and analyst communications, ethics, and training - in this case with regard to e-Commerce - please see here:

Effective Lead and Opportunity Marketing

E“ffective lead and opportunity marketing:


- Content marketing;


- Opportunity mining;


- Advocacy, and building coalitions.


•With a background in Sociology and significant experience in marketing (door to door, word of mouth, online, telemarketing, and in print), we know how to sell.  We are also keenly aware that knowing sales, alone, does not guarantee success unless you know far more about the selling environment (terrain), business and selling processes (operations), and the smorgasbord of willing, co-opted, and standby participants (players).  In the hyper-competitive current dynamic environment with tightened budgets, cautious consumers, and the need for high-impact and high-yield strategies that leverage hidden or otherwise non-obvious opportunities into solid competitive advantage long before one’s competitors can react or even awake to the new status quo that you have introduced, we might just be able to help you.


•For more details on how we advise on putting-aside the outdated “SWOT” analysis; leveraging the full multidisciplinary panoply of business, legal, industry, technical, and strategic knowledge skills and abilities; and flattening-out the duplicative, convoluted “seven smart business strategy sisters” (SSBSS) into a new comprehensive paradigm of modern business intelligence that properly and yet flexibly targets the 3 core - Terrain, Operations, and Players domains (we call it “TOP” Analysis), please see here: